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What do I need to pick-up the TV signal?

Answer: A digital Antenna similar to this one is what we recommend. Coaxial cable to connect to your TV and the appropriate connectors for your Set.

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Where do I get My signal from?

Answer: All Moapa TV Maintenance District signals originate via providers in Utah or Las Vegas from Various  TV Stations. (See Link for full list) ----------------------------->

They are Transmitted to residents of Moapa Valley From Beacon Hill.

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Dollar Bills
Does this cost me anything?

Answer: No!

Well that's not entirely true. 

This service is provided through a "Service Charge" of $24 on all real property in the Service Area. NRS 318.201

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Do you have many questions?

You know you can contact us by phone or by email or drop us a note!

Contact us at:

Phone: (702) 397-6888

Email: info@moapavalleytv.com

Snail Mail (USPS): Moapa Valley TV Maintenance District, Post Office Box 553, Overton, NV 89040

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