Where it all Started:

 You might wonder how it is that we country folk are able to have such a luxury as practically free TV way out here in the boonies! These days communication is the name of the game and we can find our entertainment and information in many different flavors. YouTube, Internet Streaming Services and so many other's. But at one time this was not the case, we were practically cut off from the world. If not for a Man we here on the Board truly admire, you might know him he was a school teacher, tv repairman, amateur ham radio enthusiast, band leader, a man who was just curious enough and knowledgeable enough that he made it possible for us to have what we now enjoy almost for free. Click this link for the Full Story about the founding father of the Moapa Valley Television Maintenance District, Mr. Val Smith!  

Val and his Lovely wife Peggy.

A little legal jargon and general housekeeping


NRS 318.201 Procedure for collection of service charges on tax roll.

1. Any board which has adopted rates pursuant to this chapter may, by resolution or by separate resolutions, elect to have such charges for the forthcoming fiscal year collected on the tax roll in the same manner, by the same persons, and at the same time as, together with and not separately from, the county's general taxes. In such event, it shall cause a written report to be prepared and filed with the secretary, which shall contain a description of each parcel of real property receiving such services and facilities and the amount of the charge for each parcel for such year, computed in conformity with the charges prescribed by the resolution.

11. The county treasurer shall include the amount of the charges on bills for taxes levied against the respective lots and parcels of land. Thereafter the amount of the charges shall be collected at the same time and in the same manner and by the same persons as, together with and not separately from, the general taxes for the county. The charges shall become delinquent at the same time as such taxes and are subject to the same delinquency penalties.

On April 10, 2008 the Moapa Valley TV Maintenance District Board voted a service rate of $24.00 per year to be charged against all specially benefited real property in the district service area.

Video Tutorials 

Here are few tutorials that might be of some help, it's never to late too learn something, right!!